The Zahn Loft – A Level of Grandeur Hotels Can’t Match

Richard and Julie Zahn, proud natives of Iola, have left an inspiring legacy in their hometown. Both graduates of Iola High School and Allen Community College, Mr. Zahn pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Business at Emporia State University. His remarkable career serves as a shining example for the children of Iola, demonstrating that there are no limits to what one can achieve. With a successful corporate background, Mr. Zahn’s professional journey led him to reside in six different states, including the vibrant hub of New York City, where he eventually retired as President of Schering Laboratories.

Throughout their lives, the Zahns remained deeply committed to the communities they called home. Although Julie Zahn passed away several years ago, her legacy of dedication and compassion lives on. Together, Richard and Julie were instrumental in supporting numerous organizations and making a positive impact on the lives of children in the region. Their philanthropic endeavors encompassed various initiatives, including generous contributions to the Allen County Historical Society, Allen Community College, and the provision of over 300 scholarships to both Iola High School graduates and Allen Community College students. Their dedication extended far and wide, touching countless other causes along the way.