The Rogers Loft – Hotel Experience Redefined

Harvey ‘Monty’ Rogers, a true hometown hero, was born and raised in Iola, leaving an indelible mark on our town’s history. As a proud graduate of Iola High in 1980, Monty’s journey took him to Allen Community College for two years before earning his pharmacy degree at KU. His career in the pharmaceutical industry was nothing short of exceptional, where he pioneered innovative programs to empower smaller, independent pharmacies in their battle against big box stores.

Despite his remarkable success, Monty’s unwavering pride in his hometown remained constant. His speaking engagements, in front of diverse audiences throughout his career, were always an opportunity to shine a spotlight on Iola. Wherever his professional path led him, he dedicated himself to serving and uplifting the community that shaped him.

Monty’s dedication to Iola extended beyond words. With a passion for revitalizing his childhood neighborhood, he fearlessly demolished dilapidated homes and replaced them with modern residences, bolstering Iola’s housing stock. Furthermore, his philanthropic efforts knew no bounds, as he generously donated to numerous causes that enriched the lives of Iola residents. Monty was also a co-founder of Grow Iola, an organization that has facilitated the discovery of comfortable, secure, and affordable homes for thousands of individuals in the area.

This loft pays homage to Harvey ‘Monty’ Rogers, a visionary and catalyst for positive change. Experience the loft that bears his name and discover a world beyond traditional accommodations. Our loft exceeds all expectations, offering an expansive space that far surpasses the confines of a typical hotel room. Immerse yourself in luxurious comfort, indulging in amenities and a level of grandeur that is unmatched.