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Discover the Remarkable Legacy of H.L. Henderson: A Multifaceted Pioneer of Iola’s Early Years

Unveil the story of H.L. Henderson, a distinguished and versatile figure who played multiple roles during the formative years of Iola. With an impressive repertoire of accomplishments, Henderson left an indelible mark on the community’s development.

One of his notable achievements was running a highly successful hardware business, which he nurtured until 1883. Later, he ventured into the grocery business for a fruitful two-year stint. Eventually, he embarked on a lifelong journey in real estate, loans, and insurance, demonstrating unwavering commitment to these endeavors.

Partnered with Mr. J.E. Powell, Henderson constructed a building that stands to this day, marking the spot where American Family Insurance is located. Additionally, he served as the esteemed postmaster of Iola from 1898 onwards, fulfilling his civic responsibilities with dedication and integrity.

Henderson’s true character shone through in his ethical approach to business. When involving friends in his ventures, he held himself accountable to an exceptional degree. In the face of failure, he tirelessly worked to repay every cent invested, upholding the principles of the golden rule and unwavering honesty.

Explore the remarkable legacy of H.L. Henderson as you choose our accommodations named in his honor. Experience the spirit of ingenuity and integrity that defined his contributions to Iola’s early years, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history that he helped weave.

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