The Bowlus Loft – Unparalleled Luxury

George Bowlus, a visionary entrepreneur, made an indelible mark on the development of Iola. With a thriving real estate business and the establishment of The Bank of Allen County, he achieved remarkable success. George played a pivotal role in driving growth around the town square and spearheading the construction of essential railroads in Allen County, including the transformative electric railroad from La Harpe to the Neosho River. His efforts also extended to the expansion of rail connections around the square and the cement plant, fueling economic progress.

Known for his understated demeanor, George quietly facilitated business deals that empowered aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their ventures. He acquired land to build a magnificent home where he and his wife, Sarah, raised their family. Following George’s passing, his eldest son, Thomas, purchased the property. Through his will, Thomas left behind a profound legacy by funding the construction of the Bowlus Fine Arts Center on the same hallowed grounds.

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Embrace the spirit of George Bowlus, an iconic figure whose contributions shaped Iola’s history, while enjoying a memorable stay in our thoughtfully designed loft.